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Brazilian Cheese Bread

Original, jalapeño cheddar, chocolate, or bacon.

Pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) or as we call them at the cafe, cassava rolls, are a popular South American treat. The base of the dough is cassava-root flour and cheese and these rolls have a unique texture and flavor that is nearly indescribable. Fresh from the oven these guys taste like warm, chewy sunshine and make perfect appetizers or on-the-go snacks.

For those looking for a traditional experience, we’ve got the original rolls and we also offer four of our very own twists on tradition with jalapeño cheddar, chocolate (melted chocolate center), bacon (uncured ). We bake them all day long and also sell them frozen, but please call fifteen minutes ahead if you have your heart set on a particular roll or two or three or four or five and we will make sure to have your order hot and ready for you when you arrive.


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  1. lcrane21 says:

    I love your rolls and empanadas! Whenever I visit the city, I always make sure to stop by Cassava. Thanks for offering a safe and delicious gluten free dining option!

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  • "I have been looking for empanadas for years THANK "
  • "I love your rolls and empanadas! Whenever I visit"