What is this stuff made of?

Our empanadas and cassava rolls are made with cassava-root starch. Cassava, though under-utilized in the US, is a favorite in South America, Africa, and South East Asia. It has a specific, unbeatable texture and ability to absorb flavor. And because it has not been modified and processed like wheat flour has, it has recently become a popular choice for those who follow the Paleo Diet.

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What makes Cassava stand out? Is it safe for Celiacs?

Gluten-free: Everything is always gluten-free, prepared in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Periodically, we send our dough to be tested for gluten to the University of Nebraska’s Food Allergy Research lab to ensure we are below 10 parts per million. We’re also corn-free, yeast free, and soy free (except for our chocolate roll, which contains soy lecithin). U of Chicago Celiac disease Center p

We cook it all ourselves: We never buy pre-made food from a truck. We make everything fresh ourselves, on-site. The only exception to this rule is bottled sauces which we buy pre-made, and may contain preservatives, but never artificial flavors or colors.

Grass-fed beef: We are grass-fed fanatics. Our beef & cheddar and our chili are all made with 100% grass-fed beef. To us it is an ethical, culinary, and nutritional imperative Why Grass-fed beef?

High Protein: Our empanadas have a high protein to carb ratio, which means you’ll stay fuller longer. The meat varieties have upwards of 14g of protein each. This comes from our high quality fillings and the cheese which we incorporate into the dough.

Fresh Veggies: We only use unprocessed, whole vegetables. If you’ve come to see us at our Clark St. location, you’ve surely seen us hard at work.

No Preservatives: Our Cassava dough and fillings are made without preservatives, and nothing artificial.

Coconut Oil: We only use organic coconut oil for cooking (and 100% olive oil in our catering salads). Coconut oil has a mildly sweet flavor, which we like, but most importantly, it is heat stable and won’t oxidize at high temperatures. Most of our competitors use corn and soy oil. Without getting to technical…ick.

Sea Salt: We only use sea salt, which has nearly 60 trace minerals naturally. Refined table salt is missing almost all of them. In addition, conventional salt contains anti-caking chemicals, sugar, and potassium iodide. You don’t want that in your body, so we don’t put it in our food.

Smoothies: our smoothies are made with real whole fruit, no syrups or added sugar. Smoothies are served in 16 oz cups made of 100% compostable corn.

How to ID your empanadas

The toppings actually indicate the filling inside, so, if you get confused, you can use our: ID Cheat Sheet