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Gluten-free Greek Baked Empanada

Chicken thighs, Kalamata olives, dates, roasted garlic and feta cheese.

We built this empanada meticulously: spice by spice, ingredient by ingredient, achieving a Mediterranean flavor profile that’s regionally authentic, but still melds well with our signature flakey/cheesy Cassava dough. We started by teaming up well-seasoned chicken thighs and Kalamata Olives to create a deep, savory flavor base and a hearty, meaty bite. Then, we added roasted garlic and dates, which balance each other in perfect portion. Finally, we added a bit of irresistible melty feta, a subtle salty element that makes all the flavors and textures hold hands in this transcontinental masterpiece.


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  • "I have been looking for empanadas for years THANK "
  • "I love your rolls and empanadas! Whenever I visit"