Guava & Cream Cheese

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Gluten-free Guava & Cream Cheese empanada

These mini-empanadas are a not-too- sweet sweet treat. One of our missions at Cassava is to find the best flavors and flavor combinations throughout the world and integrate them into our suite of empanadas and rolls. Guava is a tropical fruit, native to Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America. This beautiful ruby-red fruit is rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin A, with a high concentration of both lycopene and potassium. But when you taste our version, all you’ll be thinking is “Yum.”

We’ve paired guava with cream cheese here, a flavor combination popular in Cuba and Puerto Rico. The two ingredients echo each other in silky texture as the contrast between sweet and savory creates an all-around heavenly taste experience. We bet you can’t eat just one and, with the all the benefits of guava fruit, there’s no need to try.


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  • "I have been looking for empanadas for years THANK "
  • "I love your rolls and empanadas! Whenever I visit"