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Gluten-free Huevos rancheros Baked Empanada

Scrambled eggs, sirloin steak, cheddar cheese, red beans, bell peppers, chipotle pepper.

There are about million breakfast burrito/taquito options in the frozen food aisles at an average super market. We tried a few. And, as a Latin American owned business, we were, frankly, offended. You deserve better.

For our Huevos Rancheros empanadas, we returned to a traditional Mexican recipe, relying on standbys like red beans, chipotle pepper, and cheddar cheese to create a superior breakfast alternative. In our carnivorous version, we use choice sirloin steak to deliver an endocrine-friendly protein-punch and, in our vegetarian version, fiber-rich beans will keep you steady and full for the first part of the day. And, of course, we added bell peppers, cause no meal is a good meal without a few veggies.


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  • "I have been looking for empanadas for years THANK "
  • "I love your rolls and empanadas! Whenever I visit"