Gluten-free Guava & Cream Cheese empanada

Guava & Cream Cheese

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These mini-empanadas are a not-too- sweet sweet treat. One of our missions at Cassava is to find the best flavors and flavor combinations throughout the world and integrate them into our suite of empanadas and rolls. Guava is a tropical fruit, native to Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America. This beautiful ruby-red fruit is […]

Gluten-free Sausage Baked Empanada


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Sausage, mozzarella, tomato sauce, oregano. Admit it. You miss them: those delicious, cheesy, oh-so- filling-and- comforting Hot Pockets from your high school and college days. And the Bagel Bites. And the Tombstone pizzas. Even, God help you, the SpaghettiOs. There’s no shame in it; we feel you. The nostalgia is as real as the fact […]

Gluten-free Huevos rancheros Baked Empanada


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Scrambled eggs, sirloin steak, cheddar cheese, red beans, bell peppers, chipotle pepper. There are about million breakfast burrito/taquito options in the frozen food aisles at an average super market. We tried a few. And, as a Latin American owned business, we were, frankly, offended. You deserve better. For our Huevos Rancheros empanadas, we returned to […]

Gluten-free Greek Baked Empanada


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Chicken thighs, Kalamata olives, dates, roasted garlic and feta cheese. We built this empanada meticulously: spice by spice, ingredient by ingredient, achieving a Mediterranean flavor profile that’s regionally authentic, but still melds well with our signature flakey/cheesy Cassava dough. We started by teaming up well-seasoned chicken thighs and Kalamata Olives to create a deep, savory […]

Gluten-free Steak Baked Empanada


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skirt steak, chihuahua cheese, shaved carrots, & sweet red onions We had been dreaming of a steak empanada for a year before finally coming up with one we know will knock your socks off. The steak is tender and well seasoned, complimented by a subtle sweetness in the carrots and red onions. The cheese melds the flavors […]

Gluten-free Bacon, Egg & Cheese Empanada


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Eggs, nitrate-free bacon, cheddar cheese. The best things in life are also the simplest. Only three ingredients make up this empanada: bacon, eggs and cheese (plus a hint of chipotle pepper). Made with nitrate-free bacon, this empanada is so delicious it was Featured on WGN’s Chicago’s Best. .

Gluten-free Pork empanada


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Slow-cooked pulled pork, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes It takes us hours to roast this pork shoulder to perfection, but every minute is worth it to achieve that deep, sweet flavor. Carrots and onions mirror and enhance the flavor of the meat, making this an empanada you won’t try just once. The spices in our pork […]

Gluten-free Apple Empanada


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apples, dates, cinnamon & sugar We think of our apple & cinnamon empanada as the classic fast-food hand-pie all grown-up. We use tart granny smith apples that stand up against the dates and brown-sugar to create a flavor profile that’s not too sweet, but indulgent enough to satisfy your cravings. And as if you don’t […]

Gluten-free Veggie Empanada


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broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, parmesan cheese The roasted veggies is a darling of vegetarians and carnivores alike. If you’ve got picky little eaters at home, this could be the way you finally get them to eat their veggies (and ask for seconds). The filling is packed with flavor and nutrition. The broccoli & cauliflower together offer a […]

Gluten-free Spinach-Mushroom Empanada


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spinach, mushroom, feta, roasted garlic Arguably the most sophisticated of our empanadas, the spinach-mushroom is a go-to choice for many of our regular customers. Our secret is that we slow-roast the garlic in butter for an hour and if you come in while we are making the filling for this empanada you’ll know immediately; the smell is […]

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